<input type=checkbox name="Option1"  value="440||014" ">
<input type=checkbox name="Option2"  value="340||015" ">
<input type=checkbox name="Option3"  value="240||016" ">
<input type=checkbox name="Option4 that also includes product of code 014"
value="440||000" >

I have the form (look at top) and i send values....normaly i had this code
(440||014 ... 1st value is prize and second code)

 while (list ($name, $value, $kod_prod) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS))
 $wartosc = explode("||", $value);
print("<br>[$wartosc[0] dolars ");
print("code :$wartosc[1] ]");

But now i want to make that if someone checks the "Option4 that also include
s product of code 014" and Option1 ... the form will say sorry you have choo
sen 014 already by choosing Option4.........

The javascript without sending the form.... someone knows the solution...

Big thanks even for reading this :)


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