> Maybe I should be posting this on the Procmail list but someone here
> might have a non-Procmail solution. I'm trying to get a PHP script to
> process incoming email. The script will lookup a database and do
> something depending on the mail headers. I'm running on a FreeBSD
> virtual server account with sendmail as the mta. I've searched the
> archives and read numerous discussions about this but I'm not quite
> sure what my best option is.
> Most suggestions say to use aliases or Procmail to pipe to PHP running
> in cgi mode. I'm trying to avoid that because I have PHP running very
> nicely as an Apache module and disk space is at a premium so I don't
> want to waste another 4 Mb or so on the cgi executable.
> I'd appreciate any suggestions or ideas.

Following your comments about HDD space, would the PHP-IMAP functions be any use?
Annotated manual: XXXVII. IMAP, POP3 and NNTP functions

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