I have two private areas within each other. The parent folder has one and
then another inner folder has another authentication or private area using
http basic authentication for both of the above.

The problem is that when I enter the password of the Parent directory, the
password is set to SOMETHING - Then when I try to authenticate against the
inner folder, I set $PHP_AUTH_PW but now, I get the password dialogue again
trying to authenticate me against the parent directory.

Thus, if I enter the Parent directory password, and then try accessing that
inner folder again, I will have to enter the password for that inner
directory which is in the Parent directory - And when I do that, a password
dialogue pops up again trying to authenticate me on the Parent directory,
and so on!!

One solution is to use the same username & password for the Parent directory
and inner directory. However, I want to use different passwords and user
names on those directories!!

Any solutions!

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