> Why does PHP give a parse error if you do:
>       echo array_keys($arr)[0];

This breaks syntax...

> It makes you assign the result of the function to a var first like this:
>       $arr = array_keys($arr);
>       echo $arr[0];

How about

list($key,) = each($arr);
echo $key;

It's much more efficient.

> I just want to grab the 1st element of the array. Why does it make you do
> it in 2 lines instead of letting you index right on the array that results

> from the function?

Writing 2 or 3 lines for printing first key name, is not
hard work...

PHP script may need more lines to do the same thing compare
to Perl, but it's much easier to maintain. IMHO.

Yasuo Ohgaki

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