This is a difficult one, What I am doing is designing a website to sell
DVD's well what I am running into is that when a Person buys the DVD they
are getting charged 2.35 for shipping an additional 1.00 for purchasing 2 ..
Well that works fine if they buy the same DVD, but when they buy 2 different
DVD's they are getting charged 2.35 twice.

What I was wondering if I can munipulate the code below to solve this
problem using PHP, I have a mySQL database that I pull from and below you
can see I am pulling the Shipping from ITM_SHIP field and ITM_ASHIP is for
the additional movie they put in there cart.

So can I do a math eccuasion so that it does WIEGTH say 1 lb and multiply
that by $1 and then put that code in my link below..

Anyone done anything like this, I would love to learn something to this
effect!<?php echo
$products->Fields("itm_title")?>&item_number=<?php echo
$products->Fields("itm_num")?>&amount=<?php echo
$products->Fields("itm_price")?>&shipping=<?php echo
$products->Fields("itm_ship")?>&shipping2=<?php echo

sincerely Kacey A. Murphy
netBuilder's, Inc.

You can see what I mean by going to

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