At 10:41 AM -0800 11/4/01, Daniel Harik wrote:
>  I have a class called Member, it has member function called
>  vallidateForm(), i try to pass it a $HTTP_POST_VARS array it looks like this:
>clas Member{
>    function vallidateForm ($HTTP_POST_VARS){
>     echo $HTTP_POST_VARS['frmUsername'];
>    }

Syntax here is wrong; you don't need to declare function arguments 
using var; only class variables need that. I'm uncertain what will 
happen if you do this. I would expect that - if PHP's error reporting 
were turned up to the maximum - it might give you a warning message. 
So do either:

(1) Drop the 'var $HTTP_POST_VARS line;

OR do


clas Member{
    function vallidateForm (){
     echo $this->HTTP_POST_VARS['frmUsername'];

Although option (2) would require rewriting the code below.

Also I assume that the 'clas Member{' line is just a typo, and your 
actual code says 'class Member{'...

>$user = new Member;
>    global $HTTP_POST_VARS;
>    $user->vallidateForm($HTTP_POST_VARS);
>    $user->displayForm();
>But i can't acces  $HTTP_POST_VARS['frmUsername'] within the function

If you are using an old (any PHP3.x, and I think some early betas of 
PHP4) version of PHP, you need to turn 'track_vars' on to enable 
$HTTP_POST_VARS and other $HTTP_xxx_VARS arrays. If that's the case - 
and you can't upgrade immediately - you need to turn track_vars on in 
httpd.conf, php.ini, or .htaccess (whatever's appropriate in your 

Hope that helps -

        - steve edberg

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