Doesn't sessions work with SSI?

I have a page that uses sessions extensively called miec.php...

if you call miec.php right out on the browser, the sessions works fine... 
the session is set and then persists normally...

but if a file I have, called demo.shtml, uses a SSI - <!--#include 
virtual="miec.php"--> -, then the session stops working...
why?? Isn't a SSI supposed to be in a separate process?

And the weird thing is... If I call miec.php directly, it sets the session 
right? So if right after I call demo.shtml, the session is still there and 
as good as it gets... so, an SSI included file can't create a session, but 
can use it if it is set by another page?

I don't understand...

. Christian Dechery
. . Gaita-L Owner / Web Developer
. .
. .

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