A. Dixon wrote:

> So say I have a link on the page that the checkbox is on to a file called
> program.php How would I add name value pairs to the querystring when
> someone clicks on the checkbox?  Then when I click on the link program.php
> it should read program.php?checkbox1=on   where checkbox1 is the name of
> the checkbox that is selected.

When you can use JavaScript, you can set/get any query string with
location object and can make a new request with the query string.

You can catch any event that JavaScript supports including click 
at checkbox,etc, to change query string, to make a new request, etc.

Try to take a look at JavaScript book/reference, you'll see how it 
can be done :)

Yasuo Ohgaki

> Thanks,

> Aaron
> On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Yasuo Ohgaki wrote:
>>Aaron wrote:
>>>I've got checkbox that I get the status of with javascript and I put the
>>>status into a javascript variable.  How do I get that variable over to php?
>>>I don't want to hit the submit button to get the variable into php.
>>Use query string or cookie.
>>Just becareful with cookie isn't on always and has limitations.
>>You cannot use too large query string also.

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