Can someone explain to me why sessions don't work with SSI?

Let me explain my case:
I have a php script called miec.php, which uses sessions extensively. It's 
a script to show products from a catalog randomly, and in the session it 
keeps the products already shown, so it doesn't repeat... it works just fine.

So... if I go to my browser and point to miec.php, and keep reloading it, I 
can see it working... the sessions get updated perfectly and then reseted 
when the maxinum number of allowed products is reached...

Then I have another file called test.shtml which includes miec.php via SSI 
(<!--#include virtual="miec.php"-->), the include is perfect... even the 
cookies holding the userId works... but the session simply doesn't work...

When I load test.shtml, a session is create by miec.php, I can even see the 
file on the server. But if I reload the page, another session is created 
instead of using the same, so it's not persistent... thus, it doesn't work 
at all.

The weird thing is: if I call miec.php directly, the session gets created 
normally, if then I point the browser to test.shtml, the session persists 
normally, and then everything works as expected... I believe this is not 
the expected behaviour...

Does sessions work with SSI or not?

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