I'm hoping somebody has the answer to this!

I have 3 pages, one a normal PHP page, and 2 which are classes.

One class, is a MySQL class I have written to connect/update users, etc
And the other is the manage users on the system.

Is there a way I can get the "users" class to talk to the "mysql" class?

I have this code to make a new instance of the MySQL class (the True means
use persistent connections) and a new instance of the users class

    $db = new MySQL(True);
    $users = new Users();

I am then using this code to check the list of banned users


 In the CheckBannedUser function, I have this

    $db->sql_query("SELECT user FROM banned_users");

But that does not work, (it works fine when used from the standard PHP page)

Is it not possible to do what I am trying to do?
Or am I doing it all wrong?

Many thanks,

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