1.4.0 was hacked, but just for fun on tuesday, on wednesday I upgraded to
1.4.2 and it was hacked by another hacker in the night!!!

I looked at the 1.4.2 for my customization, and this morning at the 1.4.4
and saw that even basic security holes are not fixed. The project team is
working on the 2.0 so I think the release is not serious.

I spent all the day to recover the defaced topics and texts, now I gonna
backup and think to another solution...

Thanks for the reply anyway,


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> I'm running phpBB not phpNuke and I'm subcribed to Buftraq,

> hope the others are more helpful for me...

What version of phpBB? I know there were a number of security fixes in

the last few releases (current looks to be 1.4.4)...


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