I'm a newbie and I'm currently porting a system coded in another language 
to PHP4.
Here's a question about the internals of PHP:

The manual states that it's not necesary to do odbc_free_result() because 
PHP will free all used resources upong script completion. Ok, but what if I 
reuse (overwrite) the ODBC result identifier like this:

     $ex=odbc_exec($jg_difolt, "SELECT ...");
     //Here... I don't free the resource
     $ex=odbc_exec($jg_difolt, "SELECT ...");
     //Now... I free the resource...

I guess both resources are freed, but I just want to make sure because I do 
this all the time (because the old code I'm porting does it (because it's 
ok to do it in _that_ language) (and I'm too lazy to rework it)).

Thanks in advance.


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