Boy, that's one of those "Imagine the trouble we would get into if we 
could!" questions, isn't it?  Just like "How do I disable the back 
button?", or "How do I use PHP to feed me the contents of a web browser's 
hard drive?"

That said, some hosting services support what is called "domain parking", 
where you can hop on to a URL, and then have that URL displayed in the 
browser's location bar throughout the browsing experience.  The problem is 
that it's unreliable (you don't know when you're going to "burst out" of 
park mode and see the "real" URL), and the URL that is displayed is 
relatively static.  That is, you will only see the URL, and not any 

It's obnoxious, and I don't recommend it, but check with your hosting 
service if that's really the route you want to go.

Can't be done with PHP, though.

At 03:55 PM 11/9/2001, Mike Harvey wrote:
>Is it possible to redirect to an IP address but have the browser address bar
>show an URL?
>Mike H.
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