I have posted this question before so I'm giving another try in case new
people are looking at the news list!!

If I have a form in  named formName1 such as:

<form name="formName1" action="file.php" method="post">

How can I get the name "formName1" from within file.php

My original question was:

Hi guys, If I have a code in file1.php such as:

<form name=formName1 action=file2.php method=post>


<form name=formName2 action=file2.php method=post>

Now in file2.php, I need to check which form I am receiving!! How do I

In other words, let's assume we only have the form names "formName1" and
"formName1" - What code I can use in file2.php to get the name of the
calling form. I just want to know how can I get the name of the form (in the
above case, formName1 or formName2)


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