why not just keep the module and drop the #!/usr/local/bin/php at the
beginning of each script .. ?

I've not heard of an ISP that asked for this b4 ...


"Michael Rice" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi All,
> I have a kind of unique problem that I've had trouble finding information
> on around the net. I have a site that I pay a hosting company for that
> expects my php scripts to have #!/usr/local/bin/php at the beginning of
> each script which works fine. Now, I'd like to keep a development server
> at home that uses Apache 22 and the latest php.
> I followed the installation instructions carefully can got php running
> great at home. The only problem is that it serves up the #!/usr... at the
> beginning of file, which wouldn't bother me except that it causes major
> problems with redirects.
> Any ideas on how to tell my development server to ignore that line or to
> reconfigure my apache/php in some such that it won't serve up that line??
> I promise that I did due diligence in looking around but came up empty
> handed... keyword searching has its limitations...
> Thanks very much in advance.
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