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<META content=no-cache http-equiv=Pragma>
may be?
but if you use $PHP_AUTH_USER, $PHP_AUTH_PW i don't see simple way....
if you check password every time page reqwesting... may be try to check
password from temp file/table (just a miror of original).

On login place reg data from original to temp and work with them...
On logout delete or breake reg data in temp fille to resive the situation
$PHP_AUTH_USER, $PHP_AUTH_PW entered before are denied now...


"Olexandr Vynnychenko" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ???????/???????? ? ????????
> Hello php-general,
>   I have index.php, which has <a href="index.php?logout">Log out</a>.
>   When I click it, I am logged out the site. But I type "index.php" in
>   browser's address bar, press Enter and ... it shows "non-logouted"
>   page. What should I write in php code to tell browser something like
>   "forget about old page, don't display it, get the newest version"?
>   Some time ago I tried to do that in several ways and nothing gived
>   100% result. And other thing I saw was that Netscape and Explorer
>   behave in different ways in such cases. Could someone help me? Maybe
>   this topic was discussed before, but still... I appreciate greatly
>   any suggestion.
> --
>  Olexandr Vynnychenko                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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