Dear Sir/Madam, 


- includes 5 year registration (until 2006 worth up to $150*) 

I am a domain name broker and have been tracking PHPINTERNATIONAL.COM which expired 
and became available for a very short period today. I registered it on behalf of a 
client, however, on contacting this client to notify her of this successful 
registration she informed me that she will not be proceeding with her venture. 

If you have an interest in acquiring this domain, please contact me at your earliest 
convenience. I will be contacting anyone who I feel may have an interest and have 
priced it for a quick sale. 

All transactions are 100% secure and are transacted with the largest e-commerce 
company on the net. The transfer process is extremely simple and you can also be 
confident that with, you are dealing with a reputable company and will 
receive all the assistance and support that you may require throught any transfer 
process - and beyond. 

If this email is of no interest, I apologize for this intrusion and can assure you you 
will not be mailed again. This is a one-off approach because we felt this development 
could be of geuine interest to you and your company - if it isn't, once again, please 
let me convey our sincere apologies. 

Kind regards, 


* based on the $30 per year that many top registrars charge to extend the registration 
period and "park" the domain.

Please note that the whois system takes a couple of days to update before it will be 
reflecting our registration. Thank you 

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