I'm trying to "session_unset()" - it worked I thought.


Go to:
and "click me".

It sets a session, displays an image, and then is supposed to destroy
itself so that when I go back to
(and or reload
I should see the text/html header and not an image/png header.

The only way to right myself is to exit Netscape altogether.

I have tried session_destroy() session_unregister and even
session_write_close - not that any of those worked. I consulted the
online manual and thought this would be enough:


I have even used the echo on line 3 to prove to myself that my session
terminated itself.

I believe the session terminates, but for what ever reason,
is still receiving header("Content-type: image/png") and not
header("Content-type: text/html")

Can someone help?

(Post & reply would be helpful please.)

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