try removing the quotes and see if that works
$value1 = "1000000";
$value1 = 1000000;

for($i="$value1"; $i<="$value2"; $i++) {
for($i=$value1; $i<=$value2; $i++) {

Martin T

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Hello everyone,

I have a pretty big list of codes that need to be put into a mysql db.  The
numbers range from 1000000 to 1223109.  Here's the PHP I wrote to put these
codes into a database:

$connection = mysql_connect("blah","blah","blah");
$db = mysql_select_db("db_to_use", $connection);
$value1 = "1000000";
$value2 = "1223109";
for($i="$value1"; $i<="$value2"; $i++) {
 mysql_query("INSERT INTO passcodes (passcode) VALUES ('P$i')");
 if (mysql_error() != "") {
  print "<font face=Arial size=2>".mysql_error()."</font>";

Everytime I run this from a browser, it just keeps looping.  It should put
about 223109 entries into the "passcodes" table.  However, it just keeps
looping.  I'll end up with 400,000 or so entries before I stop it.  I make
sure I empty that table before I start running it again.  Why is this

Thanks everyone,

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