Right I'm still pretty new to server side programming and have a few
questions regarding the possible uses of existing technology in 'low-tech'
(not 3d FPS/RTS/RPGs) online games.  As I understand it PHP is used to add
dynamic content to HTML (from MySQL database for example) and it is also
possible to write applications in C/C++ that run on server computer (SUSE
7.2 + APACHE for example) that update databases at set time intervals.  I am
a games programmer and was wondering if it would be possible to code the
following system which would run on an SUSE Apache server box:

An database containing client and game data (use MySQL?),
An HTML/PHP based front end (is PHP best choice for this?),
A Some form of application that process the game or turn info (in the DB) at
set time intervals and updates the game database with it (use C/C++?).

I am competent in C/C++, ok at php and ok at MySQL but not sure how to fit
it all together like how do I go about creating an application that
process's the database?  Can any one suggest sites/books/people who I could
read/ask to find out more about this idea?  Also are the languages I
specified the best languages to use for this?  I am open to suggestions and
constructive criticism.



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