> im new in PHP. What does the expression:
>    $ref=$GLOBALS["HTTP_GET_VARS"]["ref"];
>    $id=$GLOBALS["HTTP_GET_VARS"]["id"];
> do?

It gives you the content of the querystring variable ref and id. eg.

> What is $GLOBALS?

$GLOBALS is an array wich contains all the varibles in the "global variable
scope". http://dk.php.net/manual/en/language.variables.scope.php

You can get an overview of all the variables by using the print_r()
function: print_r($GLOBALS);

> What are the parameters ["HTTP_GET_VARS"]["ref"]?

["HTTP_GET_VARS"] is also an array, and it contains alle the variables from
the querystring. And ['ref'] is a querystring variable.

Emil Rasmussen

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