first of all I didn't exactely know where the right place is to ask this

Well, my problem is that I just had some exams and am very unhappy on
how certain things were rated.

There's especially one question and I try to translate it as exact as

When is it possible that two variables have the same name but display
different variables?

The official solution was when in a script a global variable is declared
and then in a local part this variable is destroyed and declared again
with the same name (maybe even using different data type).

As for me, I'm of the opinion that this definition according to the
question is too narrow minded. I think that a variable is already
different if the the value within the variable is changed due to script
OR if you appoint a new value to the variable OR if the variable is an
array and some elements are accessed / elements are added / elements are
The reason why I think variables with different values can be considered
as different variable according to the question asked in the exam is
that when you declare a variable it also has a value even if this value
is NULL.

Now I'd like very much to hear your opinion on this issue since for me
very much depends on that (3 years of studying at college).


P.S.: If you agree with me or not can you also send me an email to me?

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