I'm feeling dumb!

The Basic Problem

Basically all I want to do is to output each day in turn from 1900 i.e.


But date() won't accept dates pre 13-Dec-1901
and mktime doesn't like anything pre 01-Jan-1970.

I know I can get mysql to do this without trouble but not efficiently.

So how do you work with pre-1901 dates in php?

The Full Problem

In actual fact what I'm trying to do is list all dates within 
a given range which are NOT in a mysql table.

The dates and date ranges can span anywhere from 1850 to the

I can very easily use mysql to generate an array of the days
which are present in the table.  What I can't seem to do is 
get php to run through each day in turn and let me output it.

The only possible solution I can think of is to just generate a 
dummy mysql table with all dates I might ever use and then join 
that to my actual date table and select the non-matches.  Not a very 
elegant solution!

What have I missed?


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