This problem took a while to figure out. I'm posting the solution so that =
other's may find this example. If you know of a better way, please reply. =



Problem: Generate Future Dates:
Sub-Problem: Future Dates are Dictated by Record Type (Permanent or =
The Script:

$cyear =3D date("Y");
$cmonth =3D  date("m");
$cday =3D date("d");
if ($sType =3D=3D p)
   $fyear =3D $cyear + 6
   $sExpiry =3D $fyear.$cmonth.$cday;
   $adv =3D $cmonth + 6;
   $newunix =3D mktime(0,0,0,$adv,$cmonth,$cyear);
   $sExpiry =3D date("Ymd", $newunix);

$sCreated =3D date("Ymd");
$sUpdated =3D date("Ymd");

It seems weird to have use months possibly greater than 12 ($adv =3D =
$cmonth + 6;), but hey... it works.

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