On Wed, 14 Nov 2001 10:16:42 +1100, Martin Towell wrote:
>"serialise" the array and make the "value" of a hidden field this
>Then in PHP "unserialise" it.

that would work great if it were a php array, but I believe we're
talking about javascript arrays here. :)

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>>>Hi  =)
>>>is it possible to pass a javascript array to php ???
>>by the time javascript comes into play, php has already done it's
>>and left the building. If you mean can javascript pass variables to
>>new request for php to handle, then sure.
>Thanks for your reply.  =)
>I have a little problem..
>well.. with php I build an html page with javascript to validate a
>the action of this form is call again to the php page.
>I mean...
>    test.php ----- (make an html page)---> question.html ---
>form)----> test.php
>I populated an array but now I need to pass this array to the same
>php page again.
>can I do this?
>(I apology because my english is not good enough.. I hope that you
>understand me.. )

Mark, [EMAIL PROTECTED] on 11/13/2001

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