You can do it like:
1) Have php send the email with a particulare return reply so that wrong
email addresses get sent back to it
2) Configure procmail to launch a php script when an email is received on
that account (the "return" one)
3) Write the php script (SCRIPT NOT WEB) to parse the email reiceved and
delete the email-address from database.

What I did once was to:
Write an email (mime format, with colors and images) to many persons with
"Hello $customer_name".
But the system had to be controlled by the business boss :) So he could
write an email to a "bot", and the "bot" converted all the $some_thing into
text taken from database. It's much similar than what it looks...

"Alex Chau" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ha scritto nel messaggio
> I have a php script sending newsletter to a mailing list time by time,
> but some emails are no longer exist, so I need to remove them manually.
> Can php detect whether an email address is a valid one, then remove it
> from the list automatically? no matter before or after the newsletter
> has sent.
> Thanks in advance.

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