Thanks Dav,

You caught me while I was debugging. But I learned a valuable  lesson! I indeed
did not name my session_name correctly. IN FACT ... I did not name it AT ALL in
display_image.php. There lay the problem. I needed to declare both:


at the beginning of display_image.php AND postcard.php for the data to
re-transmit itself.

I was running both php files without session_name and session_start. The docs
just don't make that clear enough that you need to re-include session_name.

Duh, uh, .......  the session ID stayed the same, so I figured the data was
getting through even if I didn't see it. Indeed, postcard.php was receiving the
data - we can see that in the form - but was not transmitting the data as well,
only if I included display_image.php


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