Your set_time_limit/shutdown function solution looks like a clever
trick.  If you can come up with that you might just as well do the
proper job with an fsockopen and socket_set_timeout.

The manual pages on fsockopen, socket_set_timeout plus the user comments
have plenty of useful examples:

You might also want to look at socket_set_blocking as an alternative.
(Switch to non-blocking so that your "gets" always returns immediately
and then you can put in your own wait/action before trying another gets).
Check out:

Either way, to write your own jasfile() to emulate file() shouldn't be more than 
10-20 lines.

An extra advantage of using fsockopen is that you can send a HEAD request
before your GET/POST to check the server/page are there.  If that
works you can then give the target server longer to serve the GET in
case the problem is just slow communications rather than a missing/slow

Good Luck


Jean-Arthur Silve wrote:
> Hi !
> I use the file function for accessing to pages on another server.
> It works perfectly.
> But if the server does not respond or is too long to send datas, the file
> function wait too long..
> Is there a way to tune the time out ?? I would like that id the server does
> not respond, the function return in few seconds only.
> I thought to a solution using :
> set_time_limit(2);
> register_shutdown_function(func);
> file(myurl);
> set_time_limit(30);
> func();
> In this example if the file function takes more than 2 seconds, then func()
> would be called. If the file function does not time out, then then func is
> called too...
> But may be there is a cleanest way to do this (I checked the manual,
> somethink like socket_set_timeout), in the way that if the time function
> timed out then the script continues normally, returning an error:
> tuning the time out(2);
> $f=file(myurl);
> if ($f==false)
>          // Timed out
> else
>          // ok
> ....
> Thank you !
> jean-arthur
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