that's exactly the problem... damn, how couldn't I think of this..

I didn't realise that when a file is NOT uploaded its value is set to 
'none'... and I was using empty() to check it...

thanks a lot.

At 10:54 14/11/01 -0600, Steve Cayford wrote:
>Sure sounds like you're hitting this function twice by accident. Are you 
>sure you're only calling it once? That would explain why you only get one 
>output with the die(), but two without it.
>On Wednesday, November 14, 2001, at 10:34  AM, Christian Dechery wrote:
>>I don't know what it is... but PHP is acting very weird today... or I am 
>>becoming crazy... can anyone tell me which one?
>>I have this function:
>>global $upload_errmsg;
>>if( count($allowed_types) )
>>   $file_ext=ArquivoExt($source_filename);
>>   $ext_found=in_array($file_ext,$allowed_types);
>>   //die("source=$source_filename");
>>   //var_dump($ext_found);
>>   //die;
>>   if( !$ext_found )
>>   {
>>     $upload_errmsg="O arquivo \"$source_filename\" não está entre os 
>> tipos autorizados";
>>     //die("errmsg=$upload_errmsg");
>>     return false;
>>   }
>>... some more code here ..
>>return true;
>>the first crazy behaviour is... I use a test file called something.jpg, 
>>ArquivoExt() returns me the extension of a given filename, in this case 
>>"jpg". $allowed_types contains "gif","jpg" and "png" so that in_array() 
>>should return true... and it does... but get this... if I uncomment that 
>>var_dump() guess what it outputs?
>>bool(true) bool(false)
>>very weird... how can one var_dump() call gives me two outputs?
>>This double output doesn't occur if I uncomment the "die" after the 
>>var_dump(). It only outputs bool(true) in that case.
>>Now for the second weird behaviour... since no matter what, $ext_found 
>>will always be false (due to the previous weirdness) it will always enter 
>>the IF... but the weird thing is when the caller of Upload() prints 
>>$upload_errmsg it only outputs:
>>O arquivo "" não está entre os tipos autorizados
>>where is the filename? I've checked it tons of times... If I uncomment 
>>the second die, right after the $upload_errmsg assignment, it outputs ok, 
>>with the filename.
>>Now, can someone explain me this VERY WEIRD behaviour??
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