then, can .htaccess store the user expried date ?
like Peter is not allowed to login after 2Feb 2001, Sam is expired after
11Nov 2002......

and also, is it possible to maintain the .htaccess automatically ?
like I write a shell script and run it schedully to delete those expired
entry ?

"Johan Holst Nielsen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> >     After I research security issue from the web, I had found apache
> > .htaccess which can solve
> > my problem. What my problem is that, can .htaccess perform like a
> > system which
> > can store users loginID and password, and also set those users have a
> > expired time each ??
> If you want to use .htaccess can you make some links like this, to the
> customers who is logged in:
> http://username:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/secretfolder/
> Regards,
> Johan

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