I think you understand my problem.

I will use a client program to POST the XML data to a php file on the server
base HTTP
in php file will get the post request,

the question is, how can i get the xml data in post request

Yorgo Sun
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"Johan Holst Nielsen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> >    the program just can let me get the post string like my example
> > I want post the xml file content to a php file, then I want get the post
> > string that it's xml content.
> >
> > hehe, thanks for your help
> Did you solve your problem?
> I dont think i understand you, but i tries to give a little summary what I
> think you mean.
> 1. A page make a post request with XML data to a PHP file.
> 2. The PHP file get the post request, and get the XML data.
> 3. An then what?
> Regards,
> Johan

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