I'm using PHP 4.0.4pl1-9 on RedHat 7.1. The software was installed using rpm.
I'd like to add the mhash extension without re-installing the entire PHP package
from source.  So i try following steps:

- install mhash from source
- obtain PHP source directory, then 
  cd ext/mhash 
  ./configure --with-mhash
  make install (found /usr/lib/php4/mhash.so ready)
- uncomment the line with mhash.so in /etc/php.ini 

However, when i tried the sample in PHP manual, it failed to call mhash() with 
following error messages:

PHP Warning:  Invalid library (maybe not a PHP library) 'mhash.so'  in Unknown on line 0

Did i use the wrong procedure ?

I'm new to PHP and sorry for the newbie faq.

Thanks in advance.
ST Wong

S.T. Wong                               | Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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