Berthold wrote:

> Is it possible to add PHP-code into the html-templates of ht://dig?
> The problem is the execution after or before the CGI-prog has run.
> Of course I need 'after'. But how can I do that?


Actually, Apache 2.0 was *SUPPOSED* to have "stacked handlers" so that CGI 
(Perl) could process, and then PHP (or vice versa).

Whether that feature actually made it to the light of day, or if it 
actually works yet in Apache 2.0 is unknown to me.

> What is the default order in a builtin-PHP?

Moot, as it's either non-existent (Apache 1.x) or defined in httpd.conf 
(Apache 2.x) not the PHP build. should hopefully have *some* kind of info about "stacked 
handlers" if you search it...

You *COULD* switch to the much less-known "fhttpd" web-server instead of 
Apache and get this feature *NOW* if it's really, really critical to have 
this feature.  (Or even switch to that server *just* for your search 

Your other option would be to somehow use ht://dig to pre-build pages that 
were PHP, and then serve those up on an HTTP request.  If you regenerate 
your ht://dig files often enough, the search engine latency will be 
reasonable for most applications/pages...  At least, I'm pretty sure you 
can do that with ht://dig without too much trouble...

Zeev or Colin or somebody famous like that had an article about using htdig 
at some point online somewhere that may have useful nuggets of info as well 
that may have PHP info in it...

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