Brandon Orther wrote:

> I am trying to have a script that process a form and then sends the
> person back to the form they were on if there are errors.
> Does anyone know how I can get the url of the form that someone submit
> to the script from?


In the future, the answer to such a question is always in:

<?php phpinfo();?>

NOTE:  The existence or lack thereof of $HTTP_REFERER depends on:
        Your web-server being configured to provide this variable
        The user not surfing directly to the page
        Some browsers providing their previous URL, even if they *did* surf 
directly to the page

If there is some "missing" content from <?php phpinfo();?>, the problem is 
not, repeat not, with PHP -- PHP passes on everything the web-server gives 
it.  If it's not there, it's because your web-server ain't giving it.

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