Hi Mike and Jim,

  From my earlier message [Re: PHP 4.0.6 $PHP_SELF empty?]:

>  No, I updated my php.ini manually (just to change the zend optimizer and
>add the DBG debugger.  These two lines from php.ini haven't changed for sure:
>variables_order = "EGPCS";
>register_globals = On;

>  According to phpinfo, $PHP_SELF is set, but simply empty!

  I'm fully aware of the scope issues, and $GLOBALS[PHP_SELF] returns the same thing 
as $PHP_SELF (= ''), and these aren't withing classes, functions or anything like 
that.  It's as simple as this not working in somefile.php:

<form action="<?php echo $PHP_SELF ?>" method="POST">
  <input ...>

  I've looked over every single line in my php.ini, the only thing changed (checked 
with diff) is adding the debugger info for DBG.  That doesn't do it either, I replaced 
it with my original from PHP4.0.2, no go either.


>$PHP_SELF still works fine, just make sure that register_globals is on.
>Also, don't forget that you must define global $PHP_SELF if you need to 
>use it within a function, like so:
>function foo() {
>    global $PHP_SELF;
>John Steele wrote:
>>  I'm trying this again with a different header.  After installing PHP4.0.6 
>$PHP_SELF is set (empty), and this is breaking many scripts of mine (and 
>others).  I can't seem to find any mention of this in the commented manual, 
>or anywhere else for that matter.
>>  I can try and install an earlier version, but I'm not sure which one (I'd 
>like to use DBG though).  I'd hate to have to go back to 4.0.2!
>>Any advice welcome!
>>  John

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