If you know the setup of the form beforehand it is relatively easy to do
something like :

$string="$myfield1[0] $myfield2[0] $myfield1[1] $myfield2[1]  etc..."

However I remember one of my stupid mistakes awhile ago was mistakenly
giving two form fields the same name.  My result was that the second
field overwrote the first.  How do you get an array?

Matthew Luchak 
Kaydara Inc. 

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I have following problem:
I get a form with some fields having the same name.
PHP solves this problem by appending [] to the form-field-names which
causes the creation of arrays.
My problem now is, that I have to pass those variables further to
another script (not PHP) in exactly that order I receive them from the
But when I have a form (schematically) like this:
-input type=text name=myfield1
-input type=text name=myfield2
-input type=text name=myfield1
-input type=text name=myfield2
-input type=text name=myfield1
-input type=text name=myfield2

Then I get in PHP all myfield1 in 1 variable (the array myfield1) and
all myfield2 in 1 other variable -> order is irreversibly destroyed.
Give the fields numbers is not a solution (for complexity reasons).

So my ultima ratio is to parse the post-data myself - but how can I do
I have not found any indices for a variable containing post-data :-(

If someone has another approach to a solution: I will have both ears
open for it :)

Thanks in advance
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