Hi all,

So a few weeks back on my Debian Sid box I had everything running
nicely, PHP4, Apache 1.3, and had it such that Multiviews were turned
on, and I could call /foo?id=1 and the file foo.php would register the
variable id as having a value of 1.

I dist-upgraded last weekend (now PHP-4.1.0-RC2), and now it's stopped

If I call foo?id=1, not only is the id variable not set,
_SERVER[QUERY_STRING] isn't either. Cookies and session variables work
fine, it's just variables passed via GET. If I turn off Multiviews, the
variables come through fine, but it means calling foo.php.

This has completely floored me. I don't want to re-write the site with
references to URLs with file extensions -- I deliberately don't want
users to see file extensions.

Anyone had similar problems? Anyone have any ideas what to try? I have
register_globals = On in the php.ini file, nothing in the php.ini or
httpd.conf files appears to have changed.

I'm at a loss. Please help!

James Green

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