Pat Hanna wrote:
> I'm doing my senior exit project on database languages online. I'm asking
> for help from anyone who can provide any information on the comparison
> between the different languages. I'm comparing languages such as PHP, ASP,
> ColdFussion, perl and any others that I might not know about that you guys
> might know. Thank you to anyone who helps me out in the least.
> Patrick
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What criteria are you thinking of using to compare them?

You might, for example, consider :
       - useability
        - supportability
        - productivity
        - functionality
        - performance
        - scalability
        - stability/robustness
        - product support 
        - ease of integration with other technologies

and I guess you'll mention cost, but don't forget to include :
        - licensing costs
        - hardware costs
        - development personnel costs e.g. development programmers
        - administrative personnel costs e.g. system administrators, DBAs       
        - support personnel costs e.g. support programmers

For the record, I'd pick php over the others on the following grounds:

1. ColdFusion worries me when it comes to performance, functionality and its ease of 
with other technologies.  Good integration with the other Macromedia technologies, 
e.g. Dreamweaver,
Flash rather than good integration with databases and third-party web technologies 
smtp/xml etc.

2. ASP has product support,stability,robustness and in particular long-term backward 
issues.  I would feel very nervous about signing a five year support contract for an 
ASP application
without plenty of escape clauses!  

3. Perl has issues over useability/supportability primarily because it was never 
designed for web
database applications, not because it can't do them well.  I would rather have to 
maintain an
application someone else wrote in php than the same application written using Perl, 
simply because
the php is likely to be much easier to follow and understand than the Perl.

4. It's not easy to find fault with php, except when it comes to marketing.  It's 
grossly undersold,
but then some of us find that very refreshing ;).


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