Hi there. I have s a php page that randomly grabs an image's path from a db
field and displays it on my php page. My problem is that sometimes when I
refresh the image won't display. So I guess you can say I'm getting
intermittent images...sometimes it displays and sometimes not. I've checked
all of my paths for all of the images and they are all the same. My code is

Thx,  Joe

/connect to db
$connectionToDBid = odbc_connect("codesnipits", "joecode", "joecode");

// sql statement
$sqlb = "SELECT image_id FROM IMAGES";

/run the query and dump into $row variable
$row = odbc_do($connectionToDBid, $sqlb);

//  create an array
$myArray = Array();
srand ((float) microtime() * 10000000);

/loop through each record and dump image_ids into array

// grab and assign ids to array
$imageid = odbc_result($row,1);
$myArray[] = $imageid ;


/loop through and print out array values
foreach ($myArray as $value){
    print "$value";

/create $randomimageid  variable here
$randomimageid = array_rand($myArray,1);

/create query statement to grab random image path and dump into variable -->
$sqlr = "SELECT imagepath FROM IMAGES WHERE image_id = $randomimageid";

/run the sql statement on the connection made
$resultset = odbc_do($connectionToDBid, $sqlr);

/dump into $randomimage here
$randomimage = odbc_result($resultset, 1);

/close connection to db

print "<br><br><br><div align='center'>";
print "<table width='400' border=0 cellpadding=2>" ;
print "<tr><td align='left'>" ;
print  "<font color='#ffffff' face='verdana'><h4>" . "Welcome back " .
$firstname . "</h4></font>";
print "</td></tr>";
print "<tr><td align='center'>" ;
print "<img src='$randomimage'  align='center' border='0'><br>";
print "</td></tr>";
print "</table>";

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