On Fri, Nov 16, 2001 at 06:22:19AM -0600, Ann Jamison wrote:

> my code looks something like this:
> switch($id) {
> case "home": include("home.php");
> break;
> }
> so links can be something like www.url.com?id=home
> I have also tried to use require instead of include
> When the desitred link is clicked, the page loads the new link, but also
> includes my index page taked onto the bottom of the new pages.
> what can I do to prevent this?

Well, don't put your index page outside the scope of the switch loop.

switch ($id)
   case "foo":
   case "bar":
      include ('index_page.php');

Then your index page goes in index_page.php, and the actual index
becomes a simple dispatching page with no content in it.


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