Hi Cosmin,

@ 7:30:04 PM on 11/16/2001, cosmin laslau wrote:

> Thanks  for  the replies. I'm guessing this is the GD library that I
> would need... http://www.boutell.com/gd/

That would be the one..

> Now to find out if it's built into my PHP or not. Anyone know how to
> 'test' for it?

Sure, stick <?php phpinfo(); ?> into a .php file and load it into your
browser. It should have a section labeled gd if it's enabled. Also
check out the configure line at the top if it's present. It should say
somewhere in that line --with-gd=[...]

> It's  a  UNIX,  but  it's not my server (a friend's), so I only have
> remote  access  to  it  (it's located, oh, about 2000 miles away :).
> Anyway, if it was NOT installed, how easy/hard would it be to set it
> up?

Depends.. if your friend set up PHP, he'll need to rebuild PHP with
gd support. It can be tricky sometimes, which is why I suggested
NetPBM, which doesn't require you to rebuild PHP, but will undoubtedly
need safe_mode=Off because you'll need to process the images with
exec() or http://www.php.net/backticks.

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