Hiya All,

I am running Windows XP Professional and am currently experiencing a problem 
with PHP.
I have installed Internet Information Services 5.1, and followed my usual 
set-up of PHP under IIS.
I have managed to do this perfectly fine on Windows 2000, but have noticed 
that on Windows XP, there is something wrong.

There is a test "phpinfo();" function page to see if PHP is installed and 
configured properly and this works fine. It appears almost instantly when 
typed in on the web browser. However a simple "gmdate("M d Y");" function 
doesn't seem to want to display. The browser searches for the page for ages 
(well over 5 minutes) but doesn't return any error messages, it simply 
continues to load until I've decided I've had enough of waiting. Why is it 
taking so long for the web browser to pick up the PHP page?

I only used these methods as means of testing to see if the installation was 
working okay, and am really disappointed at the speed. Does anyone have any 
suggestions or ideas on what may have gone wrong? I am using PHP v4.06.

Many thanks for your time.


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