This is perhaps elementary, but I cannot find solution in the documentation

I want to transfer to a php variable wheter I find a matching firstname in a  group 
from mysql db

function lookupFirstname ($fname, $gr, $conection)
{ $sql =  "SELECT  firstname AS matches ";
  $sql .= "FROM persons ";
  $sql .= "WHERE firstname = '$fname' AND group='$gr';";

    if (!$sql_result = mysql_query($sql,$connection) ) 
    {echo "<P>query: "; echo mysql_error(); }
  $store = mysql_store_result($conn);
  $result = mysql_num_rows($store);

 IF ($result > 0) {return 'match' ;} ELSE {return 'nomatch';}

I get error message that funcion mysql_stor_result() is not defined
How shall I use thees two funcions?

Thank you

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