What kind of error message do you get?  Anything in the web server logs?  My 
guess would be that you do not have your all of your oracle environment 
variables set up.

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   I have installed PHP 4.0.4pl1 on a Sun/OS 5.6 server with iPlanet Web
Server 4.1. I want to access to an Oracle database with the OCI8
librairies. I have an Oracle client 8.1.5 installed on my server.

  I have recompiled my PHP with these options :
       ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/php --with-nsapi=/opt/iplanet
--with-oci8=/export/home/oracle --with-oracle=/export/home/oracle

The compilation doesn't work.

So I have gotten the demo/rdbms librairies from Oracle 8.1.7 client
which seem to avoid. The compilation works but the libphp4.so file is
invalid. When the instance of iPlanet Web Server starts, it cannot load
this librairie.

If somebody can help me,
Thanks in advance,

PS : Sorry for my english, I'm french.

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