On 19 Nov 2001, Jeff Bearer wrote:

>-Is anybody doing something like this with their PHP development?  Any
>-direction from a working implementation would be great. And what do you
>-think about the VNC idea that I just came up with?
VNC in a fine tool, but I think not needed for this.  Here is what I do
using WinCVS and Windows work stations.

I have three servers: one live web server, one development web server and
one completely seperate CVS server. Both web servers carry the same
Apache/PHP/MySQL setup.

At a work station (Windows for me) I checkout whatever (PHP, INC, HTML)
from the CVS server to my local drive.  I then edit it in Ultraedit and
save it via FTP to the development server.  Then I work, work, work,
crashing, banging, fixing with my browser pointing at the development
server.  Edits complete, I then "save as" to the local file name, do a CVS
commit and call it done.

Every so often, I will CVS Update the latest changes from the CVS
repository directly into the live web server and evaluate the web site. 
If things bomb, I will obtain a previous tagged-as-stable version of the
whole site (HTML,PHP,graphics) into the web directory and continue working
towards the next stable release.  If the development release works just
fine, I will tag the whole CVS repository with a new release description. 

CVS is proving quite effective at managing this stuff.


John Huggins
7101 Oriole Avenue
Springfield, VA 22150
703-912-4831 fax



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