Hi Ben,

@ 6:08:20 PM on 11/19/2001, Ben Clumeck wrote:

BC> Does anybody have an easy script that send form results to a .txt file in
BC> comma separated format.

Be careful with commas in any of the fields. You may want to separate
the fields with something like | or :: instead.


/* in place of live post or get: */
$from_post_or_get = array('john','doe','red bud lane','555-555-5555');

if(! $p = @fopen('/path/to/csv/file','a')) die("can't do it\n");
$line = implode(',',$from_post_or_get) . "\n";
fputs($p,$line,1024); // or: fputs($fp,$line,strlen($line));



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