If you are interested I can show you a script that will generate a monthly
calendar based on the current date.  It has links to go forward and backward
by month.  It is a fairly simple script that I found at hotscripts.com, but
it has amazing potential.  I have used it as the basis for some rather
advanced database applications.


Sjoerd Van Oosten <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I'm working on a project planning system and what i want to do is making a
> sort of table structure with an overview form today till a month later.
> the projects that are between these dates must be viewed.
> Right now i have the following questions:
> - How can i determine how much days are between say 20 november and 20
> december dynamically?
> - How can i make an array containing the values of these dates?
> - How do i make a for loop and print these values.
> I hope somone can help me out. Thanks.
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