I ran into that problem also when I first tried to script with PHP.
    always set the / at beginning and end of the regex (as you did in perl)
    this won't match the char [ because of the double-quotes (") it escapes
the [-char only "one-time" (don't know how to say that)
    to get it working as you know it from perl you have to escape it twice:
    AFAIK the pattern-modifier /g is always set! Use the LIMIT parameter to
avoid /g

there have been some more problems during my transition, but I don't
remember all of them...
read the user comments on the documention on php.net, they are very helpful

hope I could help
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From: "Jeff Lewis" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2001 2:37 PM
Subject: [PHP] Regular Expressions.

I'm trying to port over some Perl to PHP and have come to a string of
regular expressions like this.  There are probably 30 of them:

$message =~ s~\[color=([\w#]+)\](.*?)\[/color\]~<font
$message =~ s~\[black\](.*?)\[/black\]~<font color=000000>$1</font>~isg;
$message =~ s~\[white\](.*?)\[/white\]~<font color=FFFFFF>$1</font>~isg;

How can I accomplish the same in PHP?

$message = preg_match ("\[color=([\w#]+)\](.*?)\[/color\]", "<font

I was thinking that is how it would be done but I am getting errors.


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