I almost forgot that... you can refer to the form element by the objects
array, like this:


"Sean Dougherty" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escreveu na mensagem
> I have a curious problem that I don't have a clue how to solve that's
> probably simple but I can't find it documented anywhere. It might be the
> first PHP-induced limitation I've run into...
> In order to allow multiple entry on a <SELECT> form object, the name of
> form has to end with the brackets [], but then when I do that I can't
> to it from within JavaScript because as a variable name it becomes
> I have to be able to refer to the SELECT object to change its contents
> on another form object.
> I've tried all kinds of things to work around this, but I'm stuck. Any
> out there?
> Thanks,
> Sean

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