Why would Apache foul up authentication requests when the following
.htaccess file is placed in my root directory:

        AddType application/x-httpd-php html

All users who enter any subdirectory with a .htaccess authentication
requirement get a 401 error instead of the pop-up authentication request
they should get (I use authmysql). The same thing happens if I try
changing my Apache httpd.conf from:

        ErrorDocument 401 /needacct.html
        ErrorDocument 401 /needacct.php

Otherwise, PHP seems to be running without a hitch, doing a beautiful
job as always. I've been running my same configuration for a year and a
half without a problem, but I just tried doing this switch and ran into
a wall. I also use the exact same .htaccess in some subdirectories
without a problem -- the .html files are processed. I've been hammering
at this for a day and really can't see where the error could be -- it's
just too simple.

I'm running: Apache/1.3.12 -- AuthMySQL/2.20 -- PHP/4.0.0 --
mod_ssl/2.6.4 -- OpenSSL/0.9.5a -- Debian kernel 2.2.16-RAID

I know I should upgrade, but I've checked the various changelogs and
haven't seen anything related. I've seen others with 404 redirects to
PHP files, so this is most likely a problem on my end, but I'm at a loss
where to look.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any assist.


Jeff Hill

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